About Us

Our Vision
We inspired to become world class Malaysian brand known for superior product quality and innovation.

Our Philosophy
Consistently providing top class quality products and innovation that meet customer expectations. Uncompromising good business ethics and customer focus.

Quality Assurance

We place very high importance on quality control to ensure all products manufactured and distributed by us meet all regulatory requirements, passed stringent product testing procedures and if required, obtain internal or external certifications for assurance.

Random sample testing, routine examinations and inspections are common features of our robust product quality assurance process. Besides strict product quality assurance, we also constantly upgrade our skills and know-how to keep abreast with the latest technology and world market developments to improve our product quality and offering to customers.

This is in line with our philosophy and believe to consistently providing top class quality products and innovation, and uncompromising good business ethics to provide real value to customers.

Our Milestones